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Mount That Beautiful Rack!


Fleming’s Taxidermy is specializing in the highest quality taxidermy, we specialize in anything from a whitetail shoulder mount, to mounting your bobcat, all the way to mounting your trophy big game animals.

We strive to bring you a great taxidermy experience- your mounts will be worked on with pride and will be something we can be proud of. We also offer any type of waterfowl taxidermy. All of our birds are done by a bird specialist and we can assure you it will be some of the finest work you can find. We are here to make your trophy animals something that you can be truly proud and excited about.

Taxidermy Pricing

Auodad: $975.00
Axis: $925.00
Bison: $2,250
Blackbuck: $925.00
Boar Hog: $1,100.00
Elk: $1,600.00
Fallow: $925.00
Longhorn/Cattle: $2,800.00
Moose: $2,500.00
Mule Deer: $925.00
Nilgai: $1,600.00
Oryx: $1,750.00
Red Stag: $1,600.00
Sika: $950.00
Sheep/Goats: $935.00
Whitetail: $925.00

All African animals or any other animals that are not listed please call 936-718-9079 for pricing.

(All life size mounts include a floor base or a wall base. Additional bases can be added for an extra charge depending on the base)

Blackbuck: $3,750.00
Bobcat: $1,350.00
Bull/Steer: $17,950
Coyote: $1,800.00
Fox: $1,350.00
Mountain Lion: 4,500.00
Raccoon: $1,250.00

All African animals or any other animals that are not listed please call 936-718-9079 for pricing.


Our Customers say it best!

I want to thank you and all of the members of your family for the excellent work you did processing the 4 deer that we brought in during the season. You are by far the best processor that I have used. The summer sausage is a huge hit in our home and with all of our friends. Looking forward to next season.

Douglas P.
Montgomery, TX

Ken, I wanted to comment on the deer processing order you recently completed. I have been big game hunting since 1978 and have had many deer, elk, antelope, and caribou processed over so many years. I would like to congratulate you on your new business. Since picking up our order, we have had the pleasure of eating some of our Jalapeno Cheese Summer Sausage, Hot Polish Sausage, Hot Italian (bulk) Sausage, and hamburger. Everything we sampled was of the highest quality and taste. This was my first white tail deer after many years of mule deer. Everything is first rate. The processing quality is the finest I have experienced in the last 32 years. I will give my highest recommendation to friends and family. Please feel free to share my.

Peter C.
Montgomery, TX

This was my first time to try Flemings Processing and I was excited after I tasted it. I am so picky, and for the last twenty years I have literally not been able to eat or cook with my venison. None of it seem to have any taste except that gamey taste. It seemed like such a waste of money since I wound up having to buy beef on top of all we spent on our venison. However, everything I got at Flemings Processing - link sausage, pan sausage, summer sausage and steaks - was perfectly seasoned! I can't wait to get some hamburger done, and look forward to knowing no more of my meat will go to waste. If there is anyone half as picky as me (and I doubt it), I recommend Flemings highly.

Shelley A.
Giddings, TX

In hunting over 60 years throughout Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico, I have used many meat processors. Fleming's Meat Processors beats all of them. As far as their products and services, I would rate them the best I have ever used. Their deer sticks (hot) have the right heat level which makes them far superior to any on the market which we have tasted. The summer sausage and Polish sausage are also fabulous. For all of you deer and hog hunters, your taste buds will not lie to you. You will not be disappointed with Fleming's Deer Processing. Now that the deer season is over I will be looking for porky to take to Flemings Processing. Thanks Ken for your quick service.


Wow! I am so glad I had a lot of sausage made because this stuff is going to all my "A" list folks, as I attend the season's festivities. The summer sausage was great, just like I sampled at your new facility, and the polish sausage blew me away! The hot is that perfect savory, give me some more, hot, not the "drown it with beer" stuff I've gotten elsewhere. It's perfectly smoked, ready cold, or heated, and a pleasing red color. I thought I was done hunting, but, I think I'm going to have to get another deer and hog to bring you!

Gary B.
Lake Conroe, TX

I've tried several meat processors in the surrounding Houston area, most of which are decent. However, Fleming's is by far the best I've come across - Bottom Line. They have superior customer service, offer a variety of different meat processing options, and all at a great price. They really value their customers and will go out of their way to accommodate. I'm not the type of person to post comments like this, however I've been so pleased with the Fleming's business that I couldn't be happier to spread the word. Pay them a visit and I guarantee you'll be pleased!

Conroe, TX

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