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  • Lake Conroe: March 15th- September 1st (Appointment Only)
We love wild hogs

Hog Wild!

We’ve learned that most people don’t hunt wild hogs as often as they could (or would) because they’re convinced wild hog doesn’t taste good. Well we have news for those folks: If your game processor knows what he’s doing, you’ll not only love how your hog tastes, but you’ll be hunting a lot more of them!

 Bring in a hog and let us show you. Just one bite of our pork jerky, or any of our Polish Smoked Sausage varieties, and you’ll swear it’s store-bought.

quality & taste

Wild Hog Processing Fees

Wild hog processing base fee includes packaging, tenderizing, grinding. No extra charge for tenderizing or vacuum-sealed packaging!

We do not accept outside beef/pork to mix with orders. We have to use our own USDA inspected beef/pork to ensure the same quality and consistency every time.

quality & taste

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